Functional Fitness Center

Functional Fitness Center

Trainers, gym owners, and gym goers alike all know the importance of maximizing functional gym space and maximizing the variety of quality workout options in a gym. Throwdown empowers all three of these groups with the safest and most functional gym structures on the market today.

The workout space has several layers:

The athlete wants variety and functionality in their workout equipment, so our products provide endless peripherals to enable athletes to do the exercises that are most important to them.
Trainers look for the same functionality that the athletes crave, but with a wider breadth. They also need versatility, ideally in a smaller space to maximize effective workout time.
The gym operator needs to appeal to the both of these demographics but to a greater extent; their goal is to maximize effective floor space and provide an ergonomic workflow for multiple sets of the aforementioned clientele with safety at the forefront of every piece.

Throwdown designs equipment with all of these things in mind, raising the bar for functionality, safety, and versatility.

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