Bag Rack

Bag Rack

The Freestanding Elite Bag Rack gives your gym the ability to implement a permanent installation of bag racks that can be built specifically to the needs of the workout space. The design maximizes the area within it's footprint to allow maximum bag density with the athlete's personal space in mind.

Throwdown Single Station Cantilever Bag Rack
  • Heavy-duty 2“x4“ rectangular steel construction
  • For all heavy bags
  • Enginerred for commercial grade usage
  • 75 x 96cm (Height x Deepth)
  • Heavy bag is not included


Bulky freight!

Freight costs within Germany 50,00-90,00€.

Please contact us for your individual cargo offer toward foreign countries!

169,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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