All hereafter mentioned freight rates are valid only for orders of privat consumers (B2C) and valid for products that can be shipped by regular service. Freight cost of oversized shipments, e.g. boxing bags, dummys, wall protection & flooring (puzzle mats & roll mats) will be confirmed after receeipt of your online order.   

Freight costs of corporate customers (B2B) will be confirmed aftter receipt of your online order.

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands:
up to   8kg: 11,80€
up to 12kg: 14,90€
up to 31kg: 22,60€

Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia Herzegowina, Makedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Ukrain
bis 2kg: 14,00€
bis 4kg: 17,60€
bis 6kg: 19,80€
bis 8kg: 21,00€

up to 31kg: 16,90€

France, Hungary, Italy, Monaco, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain:
up to 8kg:   18,90€
up to 16kg: 23,90€
up to  31kg: 22,65€

Croatia, Finnland, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Lativa, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania:
up to 8kg:  28,90€
up to 16kg: 31,90€
up to 31kg: 39,90€

Great Britain:
up to 31kg:  14,50€


up to 31kg: 16,90€

up to 30kg: 22,00€

up to 4kg: 15,95€
up to 6kg: 16,95€
up to 8kg: 17,95€

United-States, Canada:
up to 2kg: 32,00€
up to 4kg: 37,00€
up to 6kg: 42,00€

up to 8kg: 47,00€