Feb 10 2016

Hammers Team Aalen, Germany

Under the direction of professional MMA fighter Nihad Nasufovic, The Hammers team Aalen opened its doors on 01.October 2015 in Aalen in Ulmerstr. 114.
The coaching staff combines professional and fair martial with functional fitness and passes on its experiences to future fighters and amateur athletes.                                      
The Hammers team attaches great importance to good education and promoting youth. Accordingly, a youth group, Littlle hammers, launched. All young people between 9 to 13 years can learn the basics of MMA. It is also important for the coaching staff to give their members always new training impulses. For this reason, the team regularly attended training camps and seminars.
On a total area of ​​400 m² offers the Hammers team Aalen MMA, Grappling, Boxing, Kick-Thai boxing and Functional Fitness for amateur athletes, as well as for the competitors.
The Hammers Team is fitted with the finest equipment from the floor to the ceiling.
Equipment includes a 20 'Victory Series Cage, and boxing bags of the official UFC gym-outfitter Throwdown, the flooring of OKAMI Fightgear and fully equipped functional fitness area.
For those who wish Hammer-modest units on the mat or in the cage, have a look at the webpage: www.mma-aalen.de


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